Why build an ICF home in Richmond BC?

Richmond, BC is always in danger of flooding, which is why most homes here do not have a basement. Even when there is no flooding, the risk of it can cause excessive pressure on wood frames, making homes more susceptible to rot.

ICF is an excellent building material for new builds in Richmond.

Not sure what ICF is, or why we recommend it for homes in Richmond? This blog covers the most important information.

What is ICF?

ICF stands for “insulated concrete forms”. ICF is made with rigid foam blocks, which are reinforced with rebar. On the build site, these blocks are laid or stacked, then filled with concrete.

ICF is considered a revolutionary eco-friendly material because of its strength. It can not only withstand flooding, but also tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and more. That is why more and more companies and individuals are turning to ICF, especially in the Greater Vancouver Area. Homeowners should also be aware that ICF construction can be very cost effective. It really is becoming the building material of the future!  

Why ICF is the best construction material to use in your Richmond home

1. It prevents flooding

ICF can be considered a flood-resistant building material, making it a great choice for homes in Richmond. Why is that the case? Concrete does not absorb water, which is why it is used in dams. Comprised of foam, steel rebar and concrete, and connected in an interlocking form, ICF is resistant to water seeping in. That means that, even if you are in the middle of a flood, water is held outside your home. This allows you to have a basement without having to worry.

2. It withstands more pressure

The issue with flooding is not just the water, but the pressure it creates. This pressure can lead to walls breaking and homes becoming unstable. ICF is one of the strongest building materials on the market. Even under extreme pressure, it holds up. This means that, even in extended flooding, your home’s structural integrity is safe.

3. It is less likely to rot

Wood retains moisture, which is why it rots. Depending on the level of moisture and temperature, you can also find molds growing that cause respiratory issues or long-term health problems. Because ICF doesn’t use wood, you do not get rot or mold – the only risk of deterioration due to moisture is corrosion of the rebar. However, the rebar is protected by the foam forms, as well as the concrete fill. This protects your home. More importantly though, it protects you and your loved ones’ health.

4. It is easy to install

One of the issues with traditional concrete blocks is installing them. ICF resolves that problem. The foam blocks are simple and light. They can be laid and then concrete is mixed and poured onsite. This also makes it possible to use ICF on unusual build sites like on the side of a hill.

5. It helps prevent pests

Wood is susceptible to pests, including rodents and insects. This is challenging as the best way to prevent pests in your home is to not have them enter in the first place. ICF cannot be chewed through. It also does not offer a hospitable environment for pests to live. This means you are not going to have pests breaking into your basement, which helps keep your home clean and prevent the spread of vermin-carried diseases.

6. It is green

ICF is a green-build product. It is made in an environmentally friendly manner. On top of that, it prevents more hot and cold air from escaping from your home. That means you have to use less energy to heat your home in winter, and cool it in summer. This is not just good for the environment, but helps you save money too!  

How you can use ICF in your Richmond home

Most people use ICF first as a foundation material. That gives your home a good, strong base. There are a range of uses beyond foundations, though.

If you are in Richmond and are going to have a basement, consider ICF for your exterior walls as well to ensure the basement is strong and sealed.

Want your house to be even stronger? You can also use ICF for your interior walls. This is a great choice as you are choosing a green-build product that will also make your home more comfortable, healthy, and secure.

You can even get ICF roof panels if you want an all ICF home. This is the most secure option. If you are worried about extensive flooding, earthquakes, tornadoes, or hurricanes, the full home protection is the way to go!

Are you looking at building your Richmond home with ICF? Do you want to speak more about if ICF is right for you? We would love to hear from you!

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