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How to stay on budget?

Key things to remember when beginning or during your project:

  • Consult with your trades to go over your options.
  • Remember, you can change your mind about a plan but it can set back your project and can sometimes cost you more money.
  • Keep your budget in mind at all times. Talk to your contractor about products that will give your house the amazing finish you want without demolishing your budget. We all want high-end finishes and top of the line appliances but they may blow your budget out of the water!

What are some unexpeted cost when renovating?

Common causes of unexpected renovation costs can be due to:

  • Asbestos and silicate (in buildings constructed before 1990)
  • Water damage often caused by old water fixtures, windows/doors and roofing.
  • Termites and other insect infestations.
  • Cracked foundations due to a building settling.
  • Outdated building codes (ie. electrical or plumbing that need to be brought up to current code).

How do I know if my building has Asbestos and/or Silicate?

Any structure built before 1990 may have both Asbestos and Silicate in the building materials.  It is recommended when buying or renovating any building you take the proper measures to ensure that you or anyone else do not comes in contact with these dangerous building materials.  Prior to starting any renovation consult with your general contractor to ensure that the appropriate abatement testing has been done.

Do I need to get permits for my project?

Your are required by law to get permit if you are:

  • Adding and/or changing any rough-in or finishing for pluming and electrical.
  • Adding or moving walls.
  • Adding or finishing basement.
  • Building an additions to a pre-existing structure
  • Expanding your deck.
  • New Construction

If your ever doubt about getting a permit ask your local municipal building license department.

Your are not required to get a permit if you are:

  • Replacing your flooring.
  • Finish Wood carpentry. (i.e. installing railing)
  • Finishing (ie. wainscoting, baseboards, casing, header board, interior doors)
  • Replacing/adding cabinetry

Our staff are available if you have any other questions, comments and/or concerns.