What is the cost of an ICF foundation?

When it comes to an ICF foundation, most people assume that the price will be enormous.

In most cases, however, ICF foundations are much more affordable than expected!

That is why we want to explore the true cost of an ICF foundation today, comparing it to the value you receive. We hope this will help you decide if an ICF foundation is right for you.

The standard price of an ICF foundation

Most of the time, an ICF foundation is significantly less expensive than traditional foundations. In fact, ICF foundations can come in at a whopping 30% less than concrete foundations.

That is not always the case, though. This is why we recommend always having the price of an ICF foundation for your build calculated before you set your heart on one.

Establishing the price of an ICF foundation for your build

In order to establish the price of your ICF foundation, there are a number of factors that need to be considered. While we cannot give you the exact price of your ICF foundation here, we can go through the factors that will go into establishing it.

1. Level of difficulty

If you are building a complex structure with an unusual foundation shape, that will increase the level of difficulty. Along with that, the price of laying the ICF bricks will generally jump up.

2. Concrete prices

While an ICF foundation is not just concrete, there is a great deal of concrete used within it. Therefore, the price will be influenced by concrete prices in the area. At the same time, the concrete prices will affect the cost of traditional foundations, too.

3. Brick materials

There are different types of ICF bricks, each using a different type of material to hold the concrete in place. Depending on the company handling your foundation, they may charge you more if you want to pick the type of brick used in the construction. The reasoning is that they use the most effective choice for each job. If you choose something different, that then increases the difficulty of the build – and, subsequently, its price. Other companies, however, will only charge you any increase in the price of the materials.

4. Build site accessibility

If you have a build site where bricks cannot be stored on the premises or if workers have to carry bricks for large distances, you may find the price of your project going up. Why is that the case? This is an issue of labour. Difficult build situations slow down work, requiring more employees for more time. Of course, this means a bigger price tag.

5. Experience level

When dealing with ICF foundations, expertise is key. Workers who do not have enough experience – in general, or with ICF builds specifically – can make costly mistakes. Often, they will not absorb these costs themselves, instead, they will pass those costs on to you. Due to this, we suggest only using contractors with a high level of ICF foundation experience.

The value of an ICF foundation

We have reviewed the factors that influence the cost of an ICF foundation, but there is another aspect to factor in – value.

Is the price you pay for an ICF foundation worth it?

We believe it is. Here is why:

1. It decreases installation time and costs

An ICF foundation is up to 50% faster to install than traditional foundations. This means your new build will be ready sooner! On top of that, you can save money on labour costs during the installation.

2. It makes your home more energy efficient

ICF foundations make buildings more energy efficient, decreasing the money that needs to be spent on heating and cooling. Even if your ICF foundation is on the more expensive side, these savings will soon offset it.

3. It offers you a more comfortable living environment

In spite of paying less for heating and cooling, your home will actually end up being more comfortable. Why is that? An ICF foundation prevents your heat and cooling from escaping the home, meaning it will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

4. One team can handle everything

With traditional foundations, it takes a variety of tradespeople to lay them, waterproof them, etc. An ICF foundation, however, just needs to be laid by a single, experienced team of builders. This can save you a significant amount of time and money.

5. It can be installed at any time of the year

Traditional foundations cannot be laid in inclement weather. IFC foundations, however, can be put in all year, in any kind of weather. This is highly significant given the Vancouver weather. Imagine all the time you would save by not having to wait for a dry, sunny day to get your foundation laid!

In the end, we believe an ICF foundation will provide you with great value for your money – whether it turns out to be less expensive than traditional foundations or not. Ready to consider an ICF foundation for your new build? Get in touch with us today for a free quote!

Header image credit: Vancouver ICF

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