How to choose the right Abbotsford contractor

Abbotsford has a wide selection of contractors. How do you know which one is right for you?

There are a few criteria you can use to help you decide.

In this article, we examine the nine essential traits of a quality Abbotsford contractor, to help you determine who is the right fit for your construction or renovation project.

What to look for in Abbotsford contractors

1. Experience

When it comes to contractors, experience is key. First, it is important that any contractor you consider has general experience. After all, you want someone who has the breadth of knowledge to adequately tackle your unique project. Second, you want to ensure your potential Abbotsford contractors have experience specifically with your type of project. Whether this is new construction, a whole home renovation, an interior or exterior-only renovation, or a multi-family project, you’ll want to choose someone who has been there, and knows the ins and outs of such a project.

2. A strong work ethic

You need to know that your contractor is going to do the best possible job of your project and that they will keep to the agreed upon timeline and budget. The way to do that is to ensure that your contractor has a solid work ethic.

How do you establish this?

Check online reviews and references to get an insight into how contractors work.

In addition, when you interview contractors, listen to how they speak about their projects. Are they proud and excited? Are they knowledgeable about the latest building techniques? These are all signs that this Abbotsford contractor is passionate and will have a strong work ethic.

3. Connections

Your Abbotsford contractor can do a lot to make sure your build goes smoothly… if they have the right connections. As you interview contractors, listen to how they discuss other professionals in the industry and in the government. If they seem to be name-dropping without any evidence of a real working relationship with that individual, that could be a bad sign. If, however, they have a sense of ease as they talk about the industry and those working within it, that should indicate that they are well-connected.

4. Relationships with tradespeople

One of the most important types of connections Abbotsford contractors can have is with tradespeople. A build depends on the quality of the tradespeople involved. That means that the better a contractor’s relationships with top tradespeople, the more likely you are to be happy with your final result.

Again, you are looking for someone who knows professionals but does not needlessly name-drop. You may also want to look at who contractors have partnered with on past projects.

5. Proper equipment

You do not want to hire someone with missing or out-of-date equipment. This is not to say that they have to have the newest technology. They should, however, have modern, well-kept equipment that is appropriate to the type of projects they are taking on. 

6. Good communication skills

Your Abbotsford contractors have to understand what you want for your project. In addition, they have to convey any changes in timeline or budget, as well as any other concerns that arise over the course of your build.

Should you want to weigh in on solutions, your contractor has to be able to discuss ideas with you. All of this requires excellent communication skills.

Therefore, before you hire any contractor, you want to make sure they can:

  • Listen
  • Address problems in a clear, concise way
  • Respect your opinion
  • Alert you to changes in your project
  • Discuss your thoughts

Do not compromise on communication skills. If you do, you could find yourself very unhappy with your build or the construction process.

7. Ability to understand your needs

You should always feel comfortable with your contractor. You have to have confidence in their ability to understand your needs, wants and style. Of course, a significant part of this is hearing what your needs, wants and style are. If you do not feel heard in your first meeting, walk away. That is not likely to improve under the stress of a build.

8. Locally based

There are plenty of contractors who will say that they can do work in Abbotsford. The problem with that is they are not nearby if there are issues. They also will not have knowledge of Abbotsford and the city’s unique regulations and requirements. By working with an Abbotsford contractor, you will have someone who understands the city and its regulations. You will also have someone available if and when needed.

9. Membership in a professional organization

Any professional contractor in Abbotsford should be a member of the Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association (GVHBA). How do you know if a contractor is a member? You can always check on the GVHBA’s site. The website can also be a good place to research companies as they have information about themselves and their work listed.  

Sorting through Abbotsford contractors and choosing which is right for you is one of the most important decisions you will make in your build.

Therefore, it is vital to take the time you need to research and interview various Abbotsford contractors. Start your research early so you have time to look into a number of companies. Then, once you have a sense of the scope and style of your project, begin the interview process.

If you have a bad feeling about a contractor at any point in your research or interviewing, do not ignore it. Instead, move on to someone else. It is vital that you feel safe and secure in your choice of contractor by the time your build begins. This way, you are less likely to develop communication or trust issues over the course of your project.
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