6 of the most popular trends in Surrey home renovations

In Surrey, like everywhere else, there are always exciting new home renovation trends to watch for! These trends can give you great ideas for your next home construction or renovation project.

Here is an excellent list of six of the most popular trends in Surrey home renovations this year, to inspire your next project.

On-the-surface Surrey home renovations trends

The easiest trends to participate in focus on your home’s surfaces. With something as simple as a coat of paint, you can make your Surrey home renovation feel on trend! This year, there is one big surface trend:

Bold paint colours

After a few years of “millennial” pink and rose gold dominating paint trends, bold colours are back for 2019! It is no wonder, then, that one of the biggest trends in Surrey home renovations is bold paint colours. The shades we are seeing most often are:

  • Charcoal
  • Green
  • Crimson

If you do not want a whole room in a bold colour, think about an accent wall. When you incorporate an accent wall, you paint the wall you want to highlight in the bolder shade, while keeping the other walls and the ceiling more neutral. This allows you to embrace a bold paint trend, while still keeping your space feeling large and bright.

Want something more adventurous? Go all out and paint an entire room in a bold hue or consider one of them for your exterior colour!

Keeping things comfortable with your Surrey home renovations

The next set of trends for Surrey home renovations have to do with livability and comfort. These trends are all about making the most of your home – and making it somewhere where you can relax.

Livable kitchens

Glamorous kitchens have been all the rage, but no more! In 2019, Surrey home renovations are thankfully focusing on livable kitchens. These spaces are meant to be inviting, encouraging family members to spend more time enjoying the kitchen. Hallmarks of livable kitchens are things like comfortable seating, island bars, and banquettes. Some families choose to put a television into their livable kitchen as well, while others prefer to keep the space for chatting and reading. No matter where you come down on the television debate though, you will be able to make full use of your kitchen!

Smart storage

A cluttered house is generally not a comfortable house. No one wants to dodge piles of stuff just to move through their home. With closets getting smaller in homes, though, it can feel hard to find a place for everything. This is where smart storage comes into play. Smart storage is about adding storage to often underutilized spaces, like entryways and below staircases. Where smart storage can be placed depends on your home design. Given this, if you are interested in adding smart storage during your Surrey home renovation, discuss potential places for this storage with your build team.

Sustainable and eco-friendly materials

Sustainable and eco-friendly materials will not just make your home more comfortable, but also our planet. How can sustainable and eco-friendly materials make your home more comfortable? In most cases, they have better insulation qualities, helping them keep your home warmer in the cold months and cooler in the hot ones. They also will generally create an overall temperature in your home, preventing hot and cold spots. Finally, they can help you get a better night’s rest as you can sleep easy knowing you’re helping take care of the planet!

Chic trends for Surrey home renovations

We are not saying that the trends we have already introduced are not chic. These finally two 2019 trends for Surrey home renovations, however, are all about creating a chic, sophisticated look. Therefore, we have put them in their own category.  

Soft edges

Lose the angles in your home renovation this year because soft edges are in! The trend for 2019 is round – round archways, round tables, even round corners. While it can be hard to imagine this look, it is a simple way to give your home a modern facelift. If you like Moroccan architecture, it can provide a source of inspiration for archways in your home.  

Quartz countertops

Our final Surrey home renovation trend is quartz countertops. Stone countertops have been growing in popularity over the years. While they have a beautiful look, are strong, and are stain resistant, stone countertops may have natural flaws. Quartz countertops offer all the same positives but without the flaws! Plus, you can get any colour and size you are looking for. If you have a more unique counter size or shape planned, this could be a huge plus.


We love all of these trends for 2019 Surrey home renovations. There are a wide variety of ideas. While some require significant renovations, others can be taken care of in a day or less. Have a trend you want to incorporate into your home renovation? Give us a call at 604.217.3020! Not sure what you want? Book an appointment to come in and discuss your options with us.

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